The Spirit, not the law (Gal. 5:18)

“But if you are led

By the Spirit,

You are not

Under the law.”

εἰ δὲ Πνεύματι ἄγεσθε, οὐκ ἐστὲ ὑπὸ νόμον.

Paul said, “But if (εἰ) you are led (ἄγεσθε) by the Spirit (δὲ Πνεύματι ἄγεσθε), you are not under the law (οὐκ ἐστὲ ὑπὸ νόμον).”  Next Paul made a connection between the fleshy human condition and the law, not the Holy Spirit.  If you were led by the Spirit, then you were not subject to the law, the holy Torah.  The new Spirit of Christ did not have anything to do with the old law.  The Holy Spirit was not confined to the law.  Do you live by the Spirit or the law?

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