I died to the law (Gal. 2:19)

“Through the law,

I died to the law,

So that I might live to God.

I have been crucified

With Christ.”

ἐγὼ γὰρ διὰ νόμου νόμῳ ἀπέθανον ἵνα Θεῷ ζήσω· Χριστῷ συνεσταύρωμαι·

Paul said, “Through the law (ἐγὼ γὰρ διὰ νόμου), I died to the law (νόμῳ ἀπέθανον), so that I might live to God (ἵνα Θεῷ ζήσω).  I have been crucified (συνεσταύρωμαι) with Christ (Χριστῷ).”  Paul maintained that the Torah had killed him.  He had died to the law so that that he might live to God.  He had been crucified with Jesus Christ.  Jesus had endured the torture and shame of the cross for everybody in general and every individual in particular.  Paul was part of this saved group because he had died to the old order of slavery to sin and the old law.  His union with Jesus Christ was now complete.  He was living with God.  Have you been crucified with Jesus Christ?

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