Titus was uncircumcised (Gal. 2:3)

“Even Titus,

Who was with me,

Was not compelled

To be circumcised,

Even though he was a Greek.”

ἀλλ’ οὐδὲ Τίτος ὁ σὺν ἐμοί, Ἕλλην ὤν, ἠναγκάσθη περιτμηθῆναι

Paul said, “Even Titus (ἀλλ’ οὐδὲ Τίτος), who was with me (ὁ σὺν ἐμοί), was not compelled (ἠναγκάσθη) to be circumcised (περιτμηθῆναι), even though he was a Greek (Ἕλλην ὤν).”  In other words, although there was a strong circumcision faction among the early Jewish Christians, they did not force Titus to be circumcised, even though he was a Greek uncircumcised gentile Christian.  Therefore, Paul maintained that it was not necessary to have gentiles who became Christian to be circumcised.  Paul was very strong about no circumcision for gentile Christians.  Do you know an uncircumcised person?

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