Macedonians (2 Cor. 9:2)

“I know your eagerness,

This is the subject

Of my boasting

About you

To the people of Macedonia,

Saying that Achaia

Has been ready

Since last year.

Your zeal

Has stirred up

Most of them.”

οἶδα γὰρ τὴν προθυμίαν ὑμῶν ἣν ὑπὲρ ὑμῶν καυχῶμαι Μακεδόσιν ὅτι Ἀχαΐα παρεσκεύασται ἀπὸ πέρυσι, καὶ τὸ ὑμῶν ζῆλος ἠρέθισεν τοὺς πλείονας.

Paul said that I know (οἶδα) your eagerness (γὰρ τὴν προθυμίαν ὑμῶν) is the subject of my boasting (ὑμῶν καυχῶμαι) about you (ἣν ὑπὲρ) to the people of Macedonia (Μακεδόσιν), saying that Achaia (ὅτι Ἀχαΐα) has been ready (παρεσκεύασται) since last year (ἀπὸ πέρυσι).  Your zeal (καὶ τὸ ὑμῶν ζῆλος) has stirred up (ἠρέθισεν) most of them (τοὺς πλείονας).  Only the Pauline letters used this word καυχῶμαι, that means to boast, glory, or exult, and the word ἠρέθισεν, that means to stir up, provoke, or irritate.  Paul told the Corinthians how he was proud of them when he was talking to the northern Macedonians.  He told them that the people in Achaia, Corinth and the area around there, had been ready to make a collection for a year.  Paul told the Macedonians about their zeal, so that the Macedonians were stirred up to take a collection also.  Are you concerned about the generosity of other Christian churches?

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