God and you (2 Cor. 5:13)

“If we are beside ourselves,

It is for God.

If we are in our right mind,

It is for you.”

εἴτε γὰρ ἐξέστημεν, Θεῷ· εἴτε σωφρονοῦμεν, ὑμῖν.

Paul said that if we are beside ourselves (εἴτε γὰρ ἐξέστημεν), it is for God (Θεῷ).  If we are in our right mind (εἴτε σωφρονοῦμεν), it is for you (ὑμῖν).  Once again, Paul seems to think that someone is criticizing him in Corinth.  If he was beside himself in some ecstatic experience, it was to get closer to God.  This beside himself might also apply to his fanatical behavior in preaching the gospel.  Whenever he was with the Corinthians, however, he was in a sober right mind trying to clarify things for them in his ministry.  Paul wanted to set the record straight.  Do you get upset so that you lose your mind?

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