I wanted to visit you (2 Cor. 1:16)

“I wanted to visit you

On my way

To Macedonia.

I wanted

To come back to you

From Macedonia.

I would have had you

Send me on to Judea.”

καὶ δι’ ὑμῶν διελθεῖν εἰς Μακεδονίαν, καὶ πάλιν ἀπὸ Μακεδονίας ἐλθεῖν πρὸς ὑμᾶς καὶ ὑφ’ ὑμῶν προπεμφθῆναι εἰς τὴν Ἰουδαίαν.

Paul said that he wanted to visit them on his way (καὶ δι’ ὑμῶν διελθεῖν) to Macedonia (εἰς Μακεδονίαν), and again (καὶ πάλιν) to come back to them (ἐλθεῖν πρὸς ὑμᾶς) from Macedonia (ἀπὸ Μακεδονίας).  He wanted them to send him off (καὶ ὑφ’ ὑμῶν προπεμφθῆναι) to Judea (εἰς τὴν Ἰουδαίαν).  Paul had intended to visit the Corinthian Christians on his way to Macedonia and again when he was coming back from Macedonia.  He had hoped that they would give him a big send off for his trip to Jerusalem in Judea.  Apparently, that did not happen.  Have you ever had good intentions that did not happen?

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