Prophecy and unbelievers (1 Cor. 14:24)

“But if all prophesy,

And an unbeliever

Or uninitiated outsider


He is exposed

By all.

He is examined

By all.”

ἐὰν δὲ πάντες προφητεύωσιν, εἰσέλθῃ δέ τις ἄπιστος ἢ ἰδιώτης, ἐλέγχεται ὑπὸ πάντων, ἀνακρίνεται ὑπὸ πάντων,

Paul said that if all prophesy (ἐὰν δὲ πάντες προφητεύωσιν), and an unbeliever or uninitiated outsider enters (εἰσέλθῃ δέ τις ἄπιστος ἢ ἰδιώτης), he is exposed by all (ἐλέγχεται ὑπὸ πάντων) and examined by all (ἀνακρίνεται ὑπὸ πάντων).  Paul points out that there will be different experience for the unbeliever or the uninitiated people when prophecy takes place as opposed to speaking in tongues.  Now a dialog could happen.  This visitor to the Christian community would be exposed to the various thoughts about Jesus Christ.  He and they could examine each other about the meaning of what they were talking about.  They would not walk away thinking that the Christians were a group of crazy people.  Do you prefer a dialog?

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