Quarrels (1 Cor. 1:11)

“It has been reported

To me

By Chloe’s people

That there are quarrels

Among you,

My brothers!”

ἐδηλώθη γάρ μοι περὶ ὑμῶν, ἀδελφοί μου, ὑπὸ τῶν Χλόης, ὅτι ἔριδες ἐν ὑμῖν εἰσιν.

Paul said that it was reported (ἐδηλώθη γάρ) to him (γάρ μοι) by Chloe’s people (ὑπὸ τῶν Χλόης) that among them his brothers (περὶ ὑμῶν ἀδελφοί μου) there were quarrels in Corinth between them (ὅτι ἔριδες ἐν ὑμῖν εἰσιν).  Only the Pauline letters use this word ἔριδες, that means strife, contention, quarrels, or wrangling.  Something was not right in Corinth among the Christians there.  Somebody from the family of Chloe, either slaves, employees, or the family members themselves had informed Paul about this situation.  Who was this Chloe?   No one knows for sure but she might have been a leading early Christian woman in Corinth, since this is a Greek name and not a Jewish name.  Chloe is a popular first name for females today, but there was no further evidence in the Greek New Testament about her.  She or her people somehow got a report to Paul about these schisms in Corinth.  A hint might be in the last chapter of this letter where in chapter 16:17, Paul said that he rejoiced at the coming of Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus.  They may have brought this report to Paul.  Have you ever reported a division or quarrel among your Christian believers?

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