Written in Corinth

This letter to the Romans was probably written while Paul was in Corinth, staying in the house of Gaius, chapter 16:23, and transcribed by Tertius, his scribe, chapter 16:22, as indicated in the letter itself.  Paul was about to travel to Jerusalem after writing this letter, which matches Acts, chapter 20:3, where it was reported that Paul stayed for three months in Greece.  This probably implies Corinth, since this was the location of Paul’s greatest missionary success in Greece.  Additionally, Phoebe, mentioned in the letter, chapter 16:1-2, was a deacon of the church in Cenchreae, a port to the east of Corinth.  She would have been able to convey the letter to Rome after passing through Corinth and taking a ship from Corinth’s west port.  Erastus, mentioned in 16:23, also lived in Corinth, being the city’s commissioner for public works and city treasurer at various times.  All these indications point to this letter being written in Corinth.  Have you ever been to Greece?

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