The author Paul

Biblical scholars agree that the Epistle to the Romans was composed by Paul the Apostle to explain how salvation is offered through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The current scholarly consensus is based on the evidence of its use among the Apostolic Fathers.  Before the end of the second century, it is often listed and cited as Paul’s.  Every existing early list of New Testament works include it among his letters.  The external evidence of authenticity could indeed hardly be stronger.  However, it is also borne out by the internal evidence, with its linguistic, stylistic, literary, historical and theological aspects.  In addition to Paul’s geographic location, his religious views are important.  First, Paul was a Hellenistic Jew with a Pharisaic background, that was integral to his identity.  His concern for “his people” is one part of the dialogue that runs throughout this letter.  Second, the other side of Paul’s life was colored by his conversion and calling to follow Christ in the early 30s CE.  These two aspects of his life influenced all his thinking about Jesus Christ. What has influenced your life about Jesus Christ?

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