Timothy (Rom 16:21)


My fellow worker,

Greets you.

So do Lucius,


And Sosipater,

My kinsmen.”

Ἀσπάζεται ὑμᾶς Τιμόθεος ὁ συνεργός μου, καὶ Λούκιος καὶ Ἰάσων καὶ Σωσίπατρος οἱ συγγενεῖς μου

Paul explained that Timothy (Τιμόθεος), his fellow worker (ὁ συνεργός μου), greeted them (Ἀσπάζεται ὑμᾶς).  So did Lucius (καὶ Λούκιος), Jason (καὶ Ἰάσων), and Sosipater (καὶ Σωσίπατρος), his kinsmen (οἱ συγγενεῖς μου).  Timothy was an early Christian evangelist and probably the first Christian bishop of Ephesus.  Timothy was from the Lycaonian city of Lystra in Asia Minor, born of a Jewish mother who had become a Christian believer, and a Greek father.  The Apostle Paul met him during his second missionary journey and he became Paul’s companion and co-worker in Acts, chapters 16-20.  Paul addressed him as the recipient of the First and Second Epistles to Timothy.  Thus, Timothy was with Paul in Corinth during the winter of 57–58, when Paul dispatched this letter to the Romans.  Timothy’s name appears as the co-author in other letters of Paul, 2 Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, and Philemon.  Lucius may be the same as the Lucius of Cyrene described as a prophet and teachers of the church at Antioch in Acts, chapter 13:1. Jason also appeared in Acts, chapter 17:5-9. as a Christian believing Jew who had hosted Paul and Silas.  The angry jealous Jews got a mob together and attacked Jason’s house, only to find out that Paul and Silas were not there, since they thought that both of them might be there.  However, they decided to drag Jason and some of the other believers before the city authorities.  The main accusation against Jason and the other Christian believers was that they had accepted Paul and Silas into their house as guests.  However, nothing came of this, since Jason posted the bail with a pledge of their security.  Thus, the city magistrates let them go.  On the other hand, we know very little about Sosipater, except that he was mentioned in Acts, chapter 20:4, as the red headed Sopater from Beroea.  Do you have close friends who work with you?

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