God knew ahead of earthly time (Rom 8:29)

“Those whom God foreknew,

He also predestined,

To be conformed

To the image

Of his Son,

In order that he might be

The first-born

Within a large family.”

ὅτι οὓς προέγνω, καὶ προώρισεν συμμόρφους τῆς εἰκόνος τοῦ Υἱοῦ αὐτοῦ, εἰς τὸ εἶναι αὐτὸν πρωτότοκον ἐν πολλοῖς ἀδελφοῖς·

Paul said that those whom God foreknew or knew beforehand (ὅτι οὓς προέγνω), he also predestined (καὶ προώρισεν) to be conformed (συμμόρφους) to the image (τῆς εἰκόνος) of his Son (τοῦ Υἱοῦ αὐτοῦ), in order that he might be the first-born (εἰς τὸ εἶναι αὐτὸν πρωτότοκον) within a large family or among many brothers (ἐν πολλοῖς ἀδελφοῖς).  Only the Pauline letters used this word, συμμόρφους, that means to conform to or similar.  Paul indicated that God knew beforehand who would be predestined to conform to the image of his Son.  This was part of his sovereignty, since all human time is one and the same time with the eternal God the Father.  Therefore, time is irrelevant to an all-encompassing God.  Thus, Jesus was this predestined first born, the perfect Son, among his many brothers, the family of humans.  Is Jesus the ideal human person for you?

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