What is hope? (Rom 8:24)

“In hope we were saved.

Now hope that is seen

Is not really hope.

Who hopes

For what is already seen?

τῇ γὰρ ἐλπίδι ἐσώθημεν· ἐλπὶς δὲ βλεπομένη οὐκ ἔστιν ἐλπίς· ὃ γὰρ βλέπει τις, τί ἐλπίζει;

Paul said that in hope (τῇ γὰρ ἐλπίδι) we were saved or rescued (ἐσώθημεν). Hope (ἐλπὶς) that is seen (δὲ βλεπομένη) is not really hope (οὐκ ἔστιν ἐλπίς). Who hopes (τί ἐλπίζει) for what is already seen (ὃ γὰρ βλέπει τις)?  Paul posed another one of his ironic questions.  He was trying to explain hope.  If you already see something, how can you hope for what you see already?  We are saved in hope, because it has not yet been achieved.  If we were already saved, then how could we hope to be saved?  We continue to hope in the unseen salvation about to come to us.  Do you hope in your salvation?

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