We are the heirs with Christ (Rom 8:17)

“If we are children

Of God,

We are the heirs,

The heirs of God,

And joint heirs

With Christ.


We suffer

With him

So that we may also

Be glorified with him.”

εἰ δὲ τέκνα, καὶ κληρονόμοι· κληρονόμοι μὲν Θεοῦ, συνκληρονόμοι δὲ Χριστοῦ, εἴπερ συνπάσχομεν ἵνα καὶ συνδοξασθῶμεν.

Paul said that if we are children (εἰ δὲ τέκνα), then we are the heirs (καὶ κληρονόμοι), the heirs of God (κληρονόμοι μὲν Θεοῦ), and the joint heirs (συνκληρονόμοι) with Christ (δὲ Χριστοῦ).  Indeed, we suffer with him (εἴπερ συνπάσχομεν), so that we may also be glorified with him (ἵνα καὶ συνδοξασθῶμεν).  Only the Pauline letters used these words συνπάσχομεν, that means to suffer with or sympathize with, and the word συνδοξασθῶμεν, that means to join in approving or glorify together with.  Paul uniquely used these words to say that if we suffered with Jesus, we would be glorified with him.  After all, we are the children of God, the heirs of God, the joint heirs of Jesus Christ.  We have become the adoptive children of God through Jesus Christ.  Thus, our sufferings with Jesus will bring us his glory.  Being with Jesus and his sufferings leads to the glorified life of being the adopted children and the heirs of God.  We are in very good company.  Do you believe that you are an heir of God?

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