Creation waits (Rom 8:19)

“Creation waits

With eager longing

For the revelation

Of the sons of God.”

ἡ γὰρ ἀποκαραδοκία τῆς κτίσεως τὴν ἀποκάλυψιν τῶν υἱῶν τοῦ Θεοῦ ἀπεκδέχεται.

Paul said that creation (τῆς κτίσεως) waits (ἀπεκδέχεται) with eager longing (ἡ γὰρ ἀποκαραδοκία) for the revelation (τὴν ἀποκάλυψιν) of the sons of God (τῶν υἱῶν τοῦ Θεοῦ).  Only the Pauline letters used these words ἀποκαραδοκία, that means strained expectancy or eager expectation, and the word ἀπεκδέχεται, that means to await eagerly, expect, or look for.  Paul turned to the creation story in Genesis, chapter 1-3, to talk about the aspirations of creation itself.  Creation itself will be redeemed with the sons of God.  This personified cursed earth, after the sin of man, will become blessed because of the saving actions of Jesus Christ.  This humanized earth, like the body of man, will be moved from evil to sanctified by Jesus Christ with his death and resurrection.  Not only are humans redeemed, but the anthropomorphized earth and world that they live in will be saved or sanctified.  This personified creation, made by God, has been eagerly waiting and anticipating its own Messiah, Jesus the Christ.  Do you appreciate the created world around you?

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