Abraham was one hundred years old (Rom 4:19)

“Abraham did not weaken

In faith

When he considered

His own body,

That was already

As good as dead.

He was about

A hundred years old.

He did not weaken

In faith

When he considered

The barrenness of Sarah’s womb.”

καὶ μὴ ἀσθενήσας τῇ πίστει κατενόησεν τὸ ἑαυτοῦ σῶμα νενεκρωμένον, ἑκατονταετής που ὑπάρχων, καὶ τὴν νέκρωσιν τῆς μήτρας Σάρρας·

Paul said that Abraham did not weaken (καὶ μὴ ἀσθενήσας) in his faith (τῇ πίστει) when he considered (κατενόησεν) his own body (τὸ ἑαυτοῦ σῶμα), that was already as good as dead (νενεκρωμένον).  He was about a hundred years old (ἑκατονταετής που ὑπάρχων).  He considered the barrenness (καὶ τὴν νέκρωσιν) of Sarah’s womb (τῆς μήτρας Σάρρας).  Only the Pauline letters used these words νενεκρωμένον and νέκρωσιν, that mean to put to death, dead, render weak, lifeless condition, or impotent, and the word ἑκατονταετής, that means a hundred years old.  Both Abraham and Sarah were old and she had a barren womb according to Genesis, chapters 17 and 18.  Even though both Abraham and Sarah were in their nineties without any children, Abraham did not waver in his trust in God.  They were nearly dead, with him impotent and she barren.  How could you reasonably expect a child from these two people?  Paul said that Abraham had faith in God, despite his and his wife’s weak human condition.  What do you consider old?

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