We uphold the law (Rom 3:31)

“Do we then overthrow

The law

By this faith?

By no means!

On the contrary,

We uphold the law.”

νόμον οὖν καταργοῦμεν διὰ τῆς πίστεως; μὴ γένοιτο, ἀλλὰ νόμον ἱστάνομεν.

Paul asked another rhetorical question. “Do we then overthrow or nullify (οὖν καταργοῦμεν) the law (νόμον) by this faith (διὰ τῆς πίστεως)?”  Then of course, he himself responded.  “By no means (μὴ γένοιτο)!  On the contrary, we uphold the law (ἀλλὰ νόμον ἱστάνομεν).”  Once again, Paul used this question and answer technique to show that the law was not abolished by faith.  Paul insisted that they uphold the law, not do away with it.  Jesus was the fulfillment of the law, not the destroyer of the law.  The law has value but faith is superior to the law.  We cannot get rid of the law.  Do you follow the law?

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