Our ancestor Abraham (Rom 4:1)

“What then shall we say

Or learn

About Abraham,

Our ancestor

According to the flesh?”

Τί οὖν ἐροῦμεν εὑρηκέναι Ἀβραὰμ τὸν προπάτορα ἡμῶν κατὰ σάρκα;

Paul asked what then shall we say (Τί οὖν ἐροῦμεν) or learn (εὑρηκέναι) about Abraham (Ἀβραὰμ), our ancestor (τὸν προπάτορα ἡμῶν) according to the flesh (κατὰ σάρκα)?  Once again Paul asked a rhetorical question.  What should we say about our common forefather Abraham?  What can we learn from Abraham?  The situation of Abraham will be a guide for the followers of Jesus.  He was not a forgotten man, but the ancestor of not just the Jews, but the gentiles also.  Do you believe that you are a descendant of Abraham?

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