Boasting in faith (Rom 3:27)

“Then what becomes

Of our boasting?

It is excluded.

By what law?

By that of works?


But by the law

Of faith.”

Ποῦ οὖν ἡ καύχησις; ἐξεκλείσθη. διὰ ποίου νόμου; τῶν ἔργων; οὐχί, ἀλλὰ διὰ νόμου πίστεως.

Paul then asked then what becomes of our boasting (Ποῦ οὖν ἡ καύχησις)?  It is excluded (ἐξεκλείσθη).  Is it by what law (διὰ ποίου νόμου)?  Is it by works (τῶν ἔργων)?  No (οὐχί)!  It is by the law of faith (ἀλλὰ διὰ νόμου πίστεως).  Only the Pauline letters used this word ἐξεκλείσθη, that means to shut out, exclude, or separate.  Paul wanted to know if anyone can boast about their holiness.  His response was very clear.  No, boasting or exalting oneself is excluded.  Anyway, how could you boast?  Would the law save you?  Would your works save you?  The only thing that saves people is their faith, the law, custom, or practice of their faith.  Do you live your Christian faith?

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