They bitterly curse (Rom 3:14)

“Their mouths

Are full of cursing

And bitterness.”

ὧν τὸ στόμα ἀρᾶς καὶ πικρίας γέμει·

Paul said that their mouths (ὧν τὸ στόμα) were full (γέμει) of cursing (ἀρᾶς) and bitterness (καὶ πικρίας).  Only the Pauline letters used this word ἀρᾶς, that means a prayer, a curse, or a prayer for evil.  Paul once again used a psalm to get this point across.  Psalm 10:7-9 said that their mouths were filled with cursing.  Their mouths were filled with deceit and oppression.  Under their tongues was mischief and iniquity.  These wicked people curse.  They are deceitful and oppress the poor, because there was mischief and iniquity in their mouths.  They sat in ambush, in hiding places, to murder the innocent.  They carefully watched the helpless.  They lurked in secret like a lion about to catch its prey.  They seized the poor and dragged them off in nets.  Paul only made allusion to their cursing bitter evil prayers here.  Paul continued to use the psalms to show the evilness of all humans.  Are you one of these cursing bitter people?

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