Teach yourself! (Rom 2:21)


You teach others!

Will you not teach yourself?

While you preach

Not to steal,

Do you steal?”

ὁ οὖν διδάσκων ἕτερον σεαυτὸν οὐ διδάσκεις; ὁ κηρύσσων μὴ κλέπτειν κλέπτεις;

Paul continued with his comments to the Jews that they teach others (ὁ οὖν διδάσκων ἕτερον).  Do they not teach or follow their own teachings themselves (σεαυτὸν οὐ διδάσκεις)?  While they preach (ὁ κηρύσσων) against stealing (μὴ κλέπτειν), do they not steal (κλέπτεις)?  Now Paul turned on these Jewish people who had the Mosaic Law, the Torah.  Why didn’t they follow their own instructions?  He seemed to imply that the Jewish people did not follow the Mosaic Law, although teaching it.  They were preaching against stealing, but they were actually doing that.  They had the law, but were not following it.  Have you ever stolen anything?

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