Paul and Barnabas at Antioch of Pisidia

Then Paul and Barnabas went to Pamphylia at Antioch of Pisidia.  They went to a synagogue service there, where Paul stood up to speak.  He said that God had led them out of Egypt after forty years in the wilderness.  God gave them the land of Canaan, so that they had the time of Judges until King Saul and King David.  Now the savior Jesus came after John the Baptist, since John was not the one.  They were all descendants of Abraham.  The people of Jerusalem sentenced Jesus to death and laid him in a tomb.  God raised up Jesus and they were the witnesses to his resurrection.  This was the good news.  Jesus’ resurrection was the fulfillment of the promises made to David.  The Holy One would not experience corruption like David who died, because there was no corruption in Jesus.  He proclaimed the forgiveness of sins, because the law of Moses was insufficient.  They should be aware of what the prophets have said.  They were amazed.  They asked Paul to come back the next week for the synagogue service.  They also had other conversations with him.  They all wanted to hear the word of God.  However, jealousy arose as some Jews rejected Paul and Barnabas.  They then became the light to the gentiles as some gentiles became believers.  The word of the Lord spread, but they drove out Paul and Barnabas, so they went to Iconium.  Nevertheless, they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

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