They threw the tackle overboard (Acts 27:19)

“On the third day,

With their own hands,

They threw

The ship’s tackle


καὶ τῇ τρίτῃ αὐτόχειρες τὴν σκευὴν τοῦ πλοίου ἐρρίψαμεν.

The author of Acts indicated on the third day (καὶ τῇ τρίτῃ), with their own hands (αὐτόχειρες), they threw the ship’s tackle (τὴν σκευὴν τοῦ πλοίου) overboard (ἐρρίψαμεν).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used these words αὐτόχειρες, that means the very act or with one’s own hand, and the word σκευὴν, that means equipment, tackle, or fittings.  On the third day of this voyage, this crew threw all the ship’s equipment overboard to lighten the ship.  Would you throw away your equipment to save a ship?

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