They anchored the ship (Acts 27:29)

“Fearing that we might run

On the rocks,

They let down

Four anchors

From the stern.

They prayed

For day to come.”

φοβούμενοί τε μή που κατὰ τραχεῖς τόπους ἐκπέσωμεν, ἐκ πρύμνης ῥίψαντες ἀγκύρας τέσσαρας ηὔχοντο ἡμέραν γενέσθαι.

The author of Acts indicated that fearing (φοβούμενοί τε) that we might run or fall (ἐκπέσωμεν) into the rocks or a rocky place (μή που κατὰ τραχεῖς τόπους), they let down the four anchors (ῥίψαντες ἀγκύρας τέσσαρας) from the stern (ἐκ πρύμνης).  They prayed for the day to come (ηὔχοντο ἡμέραν γενέσθαι).  They were afraid that they would run into some rocky places near the shore, so they let down four anchors from the stern of the ship and prayed for daylight.  The ship had finally stopped drifting.  Have you put down your anchor in some place where you now live?

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