The sailors lowered the lifeboat (Acts 27:30)

“Some sailors tried

To escape

From the ship.

They lowered

The lifeboat

Into the sea,

On the pretext

Of dropping

The anchors

From the prow.”

Τῶν δὲ ναυτῶν ζητούντων φυγεῖν ἐκ τοῦ πλοίου καὶ χαλασάντων τὴν σκάφην εἰς τὴν θάλασσαν προφάσει ὡς ἐκ πρῴρης ἀγκύρας μελλόντων ἐκτείνειν,

The author of Acts indicated that some sailors (Τῶν δὲ ναυτῶν) tried to escape (ζητούντων φυγεῖν) from the ship (ἐκ τοῦ πλοίου).  They lowered (καὶ χαλασάντων) the lifeboat (τὴν σκάφην) into the sea (εἰς τὴν θάλασσαν), on the pretext (προφάσει) of dropping out (μελλόντων ἐκτείνειν) the anchors (ἀγκύρας) from the prow (ὡς ἐκ πρῴρης).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used these words σκάφην, that means scooped out, a light boat, or a lifeboat, and the word πρῴρης, that means the prow of a ship, the front end.  Some sailors tried to escape from the ship at night.  They lowered the lifeboat into the sea, pretending that they were lowering the anchors from the front of the ship.  They were close enough to land to make a run for it in a lifeboat.  Would you ever use a lifeboat?

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