Paul told them that I told you so. (Acts 27:21)

“They had been

Without food

For a long time.

Paul then stood up

Among them.

He said.


You should have listened

To me.

You should not

Have set sail from Crete.


You would have avoided

This damage

Or incurred this loss.’”

Πολλῆς τε ἀσιτίας ὑπαρχούσης τότε σταθεὶς ὁ Παῦλος ἐν μέσῳ αὐτῶν εἶπεν Ἔδει μέν, ὦ ἄνδρες, πειθαρχήσαντάς μοι μὴ ἀνάγεσθαι ἀπὸ τῆς Κρήτης κερδῆσαί τε τὴν ὕβριν ταύτην καὶ τὴν ζημίαν.

The author of Acts indicated that they had been without food (ἀσιτίας ὑπαρχούσης) for a long time (Πολλῆς τε).  Paul then stood up among them (ὁ Παῦλος ἐν μέσῳ αὐτῶν).  He said (εἶπεν) that they (ὦ ἄνδρες) should have (Ἔδει μέν) listened or obeyed him (πειθαρχήσαντάς μοι).  They should not have set sail (μὴ ἀνάγεσθαι) from Crete (ἀπὸ τῆς Κρήτης).  Thus, they would have avoided (κερδῆσαί) this damage (τὴν ὕβριν ταύτην) and loss (καὶ τὴν ζημίαν).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used this word ἀσιτίας, that means abstinence from food, lack of food, a fast, loss of appetite, or sea-sickness.  They were now without any food and probably sick.  Paul rubbed it in as he got up and reminded them of what he had said in verse 10, that they should have stayed in Crete at Fair Havens.  If they had listened to him, they could have avoided all this damage and loss.  Paul was telling them that he had told them ahead of time, but they did not listen to him.  Have you ever been right and then wanted to make sure that everyone else knew that you were right?

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