They got control of the lifeboat (Acts 27:16)

“We ran under the shelter

Of a small island called Cauda,

We managed

With difficulty

To get the lifeboat

Under control.”

νησίον δέ τι ὑποδραμόντες καλούμενον Κλαῦδα ἰσχύσαμεν μόλις περικρατεῖς γενέσθαι τῆς σκά

The author of Acts indicated that they ran under the shelter (ὑποδραμόντες) of a certain small island (νησίον δέ τι) called Cauda (καλούμενον Κλαῦδα), they managed (ἰσχύσαμεν) with difficulty (μόλις) to get the lifeboat (τῆς σκά) under control (περικρατεῖς).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used these words νησίον, that means a small island, and the word ὑποδραμόντες, that means to run in under or run under shelter, and the word περικρατεῖς, that means to have full command or full power over, mastering, or gaining control, and finally the word σκά, that means scooped out, a light boat, or a hollow vessel.  This crew found temporary shelter in this storm behind the small island of Cauda or Clauda, about 26 miles southwest of Cape Matala on the southern coast of Crete.  Cape Matala was north from the eastern edge of Cauda, while this halfway point to Phoenix was also north.  For the ship to get behind Cauda, this northeastern wind must have been blowing from a point somewhere between these two places.  This small island of Cauda is the most southern island in the Mediterranean Sea, today called Gavdopoula, in the Libyan Sea.  Under the shelter of this island, they were able to control their small lifeboat that was attached behind them.  While they were temporarily behind the island of Cauda, they hauled in the small lifeboat that, like other ancient ships, that was towed on a line behind them.  Once again, the author of Acts had joined Paul in his voyage to Rome, as he said, “We ran under the shelter (ὑποδραμόντες) of a certain small island (νησίον δέ τι).”  Have you ever seen a lifeboat?

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