They sailed along the coast of Crete (Acts 27:13)

“When a moderate south wind

Began to blow,

They thought

That they could achieve

Their purpose.

They lifted the anchor.

They began to sail

Along Crete,

Close to the shore.”

Ὑποπνεύσαντος δὲ νότου δόξαντες τῆς προθέσεως κεκρατηκέναι, ἄραντες ἆσσον παρελέγοντο τὴν Κρήτην.

The author of Acts indicated that when a moderate or gentle south wind began to blow (Ὑποπνεύσαντος δὲ νότου), they thought (δόξαντες) that they could achieve their purpose (τῆς προθέσεως κεκρατηκέναι).  They weighed or lifted the anchor (ἄραντες) and began to sail along the coastal island of Crete (παρελέγοντο τὴν Κρήτην), close to the shore (ἆσσον).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used these words Ὑποπνεύσαντος, that means to blow underneath or blow gently, and ἆσσον, that means nearer or close by, and finally παρελέγοντο, that means to sail past or coast along.  When a gentle south wind came along, they thought that they might make it to Phoenix, a little over 50 miles away.  Thus, they slowly sailed or coasted along very close to the shore of Crete as they sailed west.  Have you ever sailed close to the shore?

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