The king understands what I am talking about (Acts 26:26)


The king knows

About these things.

I speak to him freely.

I am certain

That none of these things

Has escaped his notice.

This was not done in a corner.”

ἐπίσταται γὰρ περὶ τούτων ὁ βασιλεύς, πρὸς ὃν καὶ παρρησιαζόμενος λαλῶ· λανθάνειν γὰρ αὐτὸν τούτων οὐ πείθομαι οὐθέν· οὐ γάρ ἐστιν ἐν γωνίᾳ πεπραγμένον τοῦτο.

The author of Acts indicated that Paul said that the king (ὁ βασιλεύς) knew or understood (ἐπίσταται) about these things (γὰρ περὶ τούτων).  Paul wanted to speak (λαλῶ·) to him boldly or freely (πρὸς ὃν καὶ παρρησιαζόμενος).  Paul was certain (πείθομαι) that none (οὐθέν)of these things (τούτων οὐ) had escaped his notice or were hidden (λανθάνειν) from him (γὰρ αὐτὸν).  This was not done in a corner or a secret place (οὐ γάρ ἐστιν ἐν γωνίᾳ πεπραγμένον τοῦτο).  Paul began to flatter King Agrippa II by saying that the king knew what was going on in Jerusalem.  They had not escaped his notice.  This nascent Jewish Christian community was not some secret group.  They were open like Paul here, since they did not try to hide anything.  Thus, the king was well aware of this growing tension between the Jerusalem Jews and the Jewish followers of Jesus.  Do you think that there is tension between Jews and Christians today?

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