Paul appealed to the Emperor Caesar (Acts 25:21)

“But when Paul

Had appealed

To be kept in custody

For the decision

Of the august emperor,

I commanded him

To be held

Until I could send him

To the Emperor Caesar.”

τοῦ δὲ Παύλου ἐπικαλεσαμένου τηρηθῆναι αὐτὸν εἰς τὴν τοῦ Σεβαστοῦ διάγνωσιν, ἐκέλευσα τηρεῖσθαι αὐτὸν ἕως οὗ ἀναπέμψω αὐτὸν πρὸς Καίσαρα.

The author of Acts indicated that Festus said that Paul (τοῦ δὲ Παύλου) appealed (ἐπικαλεσαμένου) to be kept in custody (τηρηθῆναι αὐτὸν) for the decision (διάγνωσιν) of the august emperor (εἰς τὴν τοῦ Σεβαστοῦ).  Festus then commanded (ἐκέλευσα) Paul to be held (τηρεῖσθαι αὐτὸν) until he could send him (ἕως οὗ ἀναπέμψω αὐτὸν) to the emperor Caesar (πρὸς Καίσαρα).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used this word Σεβαστοῦ, that means reverend, august, venerated, imperial, Augustus, or a Roman emperor.  To Festus’ surprise, Paul appealed to be kept in custody in Caesarea so that he could appeal his case to the Roman emperor.  Thus, Festus had ordered Paul to be kept in custody until he was sent to Rome.  This was just like at the conclusion of the trial in chapter 25:10-12.  Have you ever appealed to a higher court?

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