Mnason of Cyprus (Acts 21:16)

“Some of the disciples

From Caesarea

Also came along.

They brought us

To the house

Of Mnason of Cyprus,

An early disciple,

With whom

We were to stay.”

συνῆλθον δὲ καὶ τῶν μαθητῶν ἀπὸ Καισαρίας σὺν ἡμῖν, ἄγοντες παρ’ ᾧ ξενισθῶμεν Μνάσωνί τινι Κυπρίῳ, ἀρχαίῳ μαθητῇ.

The author of Acts indicated that some of the disciples (δὲ καὶ τῶν μαθητῶν) from Caesarea (ἀπὸ Καισαρίας) also came along (συνῆλθον) with them (σὺν ἡμῖν).  They brought them (ἄγοντες) to the house of Mnason (Μνάσωνί) of Cyprus (τινι Κυπρίῳ), an early disciple (ἀρχαίῳ μαθητῇ), with whom they were to stay (παρ’ ᾧ ξενισθῶμεν).  This Mnason may have lived half way between Caesarea and Jerusalem.  Otherwise unknown, he was an early disciple of Jesus, perhaps among the seventy or present at the Pentecost event.  He may have been a source for the author of Acts.  Was this house in Jerusalem itself?  He had a big house, once again, indicating a man of some means or wealthy.  He was from Cyprus, just like Barnabas.  So, there are any number of reasons to indicate that Mnason, this wealthy early follower of Jesus from Cyprus, was well known to all.  Do you know any wealthy people?

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