The baptism of John (Acts 19:3)

“Then Paul said.

‘Into what then were you baptized?’

They said.

‘Into John’s baptism.’”

εἶπέν τε Εἰς τί οὖν ἐβαπτίσθητε; οἱ δὲ εἶπαν Εἰς τὸ Ἰωάνου βάπτισμα.

The author of Acts indicated that then Paul asked them (εἶπέν τε) into what then were they baptized (Εἰς τί οὖν ἐβαπτίσθητε)?  They responded (οἱ δὲ εἶπαν) into John’s baptism (Εἰς τὸ Ἰωάνου βάπτισμα).  Somehow these followers of Jesus were also followers of John the Baptist, who had called for a baptism of repentance.  According to Paul and the other Jerusalem apostles and believers, one would receive the Holy Spirit as part of the entrance into the believing community.  Paul had received the Holy Spirit from Ananias in chapter 9:17.  The Pentecostal events in Caesarea with Cornelius in chapters 10-11, and Peter and John with the Samaritans in chapter 8 show further signs of the Holy Spirit other than at the Pentecost event itself in chapter 2.  Receiving the Holy Spirit was part of the initiation into the developing Christian community.  When did you receive the Holy Spirit?

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