What must I do to be saved? (Acts 16:30)

“Then the jailor

Brought them outside.

He declared.


What must I do

To be saved?’”

καὶ προαγαγὼν αὐτοὺς ἔξω ἔφη Κύριοι, τί με δεῖ ποιεῖν ἵνα σωθῶ;

The author of Acts indicated that then the jailor brought Paul and Silas outside (καὶ προαγαγὼν αὐτοὺς ἔξω).  He said or declared (ἔφη) to them, calling them Lords or Sirs (Κύριοι), that he wanted to know what he had to do (τί με δεῖ ποιεῖν) to be saved (ἵνα σωθῶ).  The jailer was very grateful to Paul and Silas.  He brought them outside.  He called them his lords.  He wanted to know what he had to do to be saved, since they had been preaching about saving people.  What do you have to do to be saved?

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