The jailor was upset (Acts 16:27)

“When the jailer

Woke up,

He saw that

The prison doors

Were wide open.

He drew his sword.

He was about

To kill himself.

He supposed

That the prisoners

Had escaped.”

ἔξυπνος δὲ γενόμενος ὁ δεσμοφύλαξ καὶ ἰδὼν ἀνεῳγμένας τὰς θύρας τῆς φυλακῆς, σπασάμενος τὴν μάχαιραν ἤμελλεν ἑαυτὸν ἀναιρεῖν, νομίζων ἐκπεφευγέναι τοὺς δεσμίους.

The author of Acts indicated that when the jailer (ὁ δεσμοφύλαξ) woke up (ἔξυπνος δὲ γενόμενος), he saw (καὶ ἰδὼν) that the prison doors (τὰς θύρας τῆς φυλακῆς) were wide open (ἀνεῳγμένας).  He drew (σπασάμενος) his sword (τὴν μάχαιραν).  He was about to kill himself (ἤμελλεν ἑαυτὸν ἀναιρεῖν).  He supposed (νομίζων) that the prisoners (τοὺς δεσμίους) had escaped (ἐκπεφευγέναι).  This story takes a major change.  The jailer thought that they had escaped and was about to kill himself.  Remember what happened to the jailers in chapter 12:19, when Herod ordered them killed after Peter had escaped.  Do you know anyone who has killed himself or herself?

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