They seize Paul and Barnabas (Acts 16:19)

“But when her owners saw

That their hope

Of making money

Was gone,

They seized Paul

And Silas.

They dragged them

Into the market place

Before the rulers.”

Ἰδόντες δὲ οἱ κύριοι αὐτῆς ὅτι ἐξῆλθεν ἡ ἐλπὶς τῆς ἐργασίας αὐτῶν, ἐπιλαβόμενοι τὸν Παῦλον καὶ τὸν Σιλᾶν εἵλκυσαν εἰς τὴν ἀγορὰν ἐπὶ τοὺς ἄρχοντας,

The author of Acts indicated that when her owners or masters (δὲ οἱ κύριοι αὐτῆς) saw (Ἰδόντες) that (ὅτι) their hope (ἡ ἐλπὶς) of making money (τῆς ἐργασίας αὐτῶν) was gone (ἐξῆλθεν), they seized (ἐπιλαβόμενοι) Paul (τὸν Παῦλον) and Silas (καὶ τὸν Σιλᾶν).  They dragged (εἵλκυσαν) them into the market place (εἰς τὴν ἀγορὰν) before the rulers (ἐπὶ τοὺς ἄρχοντας).  The owners of this young girl were angry that Paul had taken away a source of money for them, since they had controlled her.  Paul had driven out the spirit that made her capable of telling the future.  Thus, they seized Paul and Silas, but there was no mention of the others in this Christian missionary group like Timothy and the author of Acts.  They dragged both Paul and Silas into the market place before the local rulers.  Have you ever gone to court for what you did?

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