Troas (Acts 16:8)

“Passing by Mysia,

They went down

To Troas.”

παρελθόντες δὲ τὴν Μυσίαν κατέβησαν εἰς Τρῳάδα.

The author of Acts indicated that passing by (παρελθόντες) Mysia (δὲ τὴν Μυσίαν), they went down (κατέβησαν) to Troas (εἰς Τρῳάδα).  Troas was west of Mysia on the Aegean Sea.  The Spirit did not object to this move along the Aegean Sea, as Troas was a port city.  Later this would become a meeting point in chapter 20:1-12.  They had traveled a long distance from Antioch, about 500 miles by land.  What is the longest trip that you ever took?

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