The crippled man at Lystra (Acts 14:8)

“In Lystra,

There was a man


He could not

Use his feet,

Because he was a cripple

From birth.

He had never walked.”

Καί τις ἀνὴρ ἀδύνατος ἐν Λύστροις τοῖς ποσὶν ἐκάθητο, χωλὸς ἐκ κοιλίας μητρὸς αὐτοῦ ὃς οὐδέποτε περιεπάτησεν.

The author of Acts indicated that in Lystra (ἐν Λύστροις), there was a crippled man (Καί τις ἀνὴρ ἀδύνατος), who could not use his feet (τοῖς ποσὶν).  He was sitting (ἐκάθητο), as a lame person (χωλὸς) from birth or from his mother’s womb (ἐκ κοιλίας μητρὸς αὐτοῦ).  He had never walked (ὃς οὐδέποτε περιεπάτησεν).  This was a very similar story to Acts, chapter 3:1-10, where Peter cured a man born blind.  This time, this man was a lame crippled from birth who had never walked and could not walk.  Do you know someone who cannot walk?

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