The people of Jerusalem (Acts 13:27)

“The residents

Of Jerusalem,

And their leaders,

Did not recognize


They fulfilled

The voices

Of the prophets

That are read

Every Sabbath,

By condemning him.”

οἱ γὰρ κατοικοῦντες ἐν Ἱερουσαλὴμ καὶ οἱ ἄρχοντες αὐτῶν τοῦτον ἀγνοήσαντες καὶ τὰς φωνὰς τῶν προφητῶν τὰς κατὰ πᾶν σάββατον ἀναγινωσκομένας κρίναντες ἐπλήρωσαν,

The author of Acts indicated that Paul said that the residents (οἱ γὰρ κατοικοῦντες) of Jerusalem (ἐν Ἱερουσαλὴμ), and their leaders (καὶ οἱ ἄρχοντες αὐτῶν), did not recognize Jesus (τοῦτον ἀγνοήσαντες).  They fulfilled (ἐπλήρωσαν) the voices (καὶ τὰς φωνὰς) of the prophets (τῶν προφητῶν) that are read (ἀναγινωσκομένας) every Sabbath (κατὰ πᾶν σάββατον) by condemning or judging (κρίναντες) him.  Paul said that the people in Jerusalem with their leaders were ignorant about Jesus.  They actually fulfilled the words of the prophets that were read at every Sabbath service, by they themselves condemning Jesus.  With this condemnation, they were fulfilling the prophetic sayings of the Israelite prophets.  Would you have condemned Jesus?

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