The paralyzed man Aeneas (Acts 9:33)

“There in Lydda,

Peter found

A certain man

Named Aeneas,

Who had been bedridden

For eight years,

Because he was paralyzed.”

εὗρεν δὲ ἐκεῖ ἄνθρωπόν τινα ὀνόματι Αἰνέαν ἐξ ἐτῶν ὀκτὼ κατακείμενον ἐπὶ κραβάττου, ὃς ἦν παραλελυμένος.

The author of Acts indicated that there in Lydda, Peter found (εὗρεν δὲ) a certain man (ἐκεῖ ἄνθρωπόν) named Aeneas (τινα ὀνόματι Αἰνέαν), who had been bedridden or lying in bed (κατακείμενον ἐπὶ κραβάττου) for eight years (ἐξ ἐτῶν ὀκτὼ), because he was paralyzed (ὃς ἦν παραλελυμένος).  When Peter arrived in Lydda, he found a man named Aeneas who had been paralyzed for eight years.  This mention of eight years was to indicate that this was a serious problem, not a temporary situation.  It is not clear if he was a disciple of Jesus or not.  Do you know anyone who is paralyzed?

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