Saul must suffer for the name of Jesus (Acts 9:16)

“I myself

Will show Saul

How much

He must suffer

For the sake of my name.”

ἐγὼ γὰρ ὑποδείξω αὐτῷ ὅσα δεῖ αὐτὸν ὑπὲρ τοῦ ὀνόματός μου παθεῖν.

The author of Acts indicated that the Lord continued that he himself would show Saul (ἐγὼ γὰρ ὑποδείξω αὐτῷ) how much he would (ὅσα δεῖ αὐτὸν) have to suffer (παθεῖν) for the sake of the name of Jesus (ὑπὲρ τοῦ ὀνόματός μου).  Once again, this vision of Ananias is only found here and not in the later personal speeches of Saul about his conversion in chapters 22 and 26, where there was nothing about Saul suffering for the name of Jesus.  In fact, Saul did suffer a lot during his time of spreading the word about Jesus.  Have you ever suffered for the name of Jesus?

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