The prayer for the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:15)


And John

Went down

To Samaria.

They prayed

For them

That they might receive

The Holy Spirit.”

οἵτινες καταβάντες προσηύξαντο περὶ αὐτῶν ὅπως λάβωσιν Πνεῦμα Ἅγιον·

The author of Acts indicated that Peter and John came down (οἵτινες καταβάντες) to Samaria.  They prayed (προσηύξαντο) for these Samaritans (περὶ αὐτῶν) that they might receive (ὅπως λάβωσιν) the Holy Spirit (Πνεῦμα Ἅγιον).  Naturally, they came and prayed for the new followers of Jesus.  Just as the Holy Spirit came upon the Jews in Acts, chapter 2, the completion of the conversion of the Samaritans takes place in Acts, chapter 8:14-17.  These apostles, Peter and John, come from Jerusalem to finish Philip’s mission to maintain unity within the new developing Christian community.  It becomes obvious that we have a Samaritan Pentecost.   The parallel with the earlier Pentecost story is striking.  The Christian community was moving systematically out of Jerusalem, so that their leaders, Peter and John, had to come to the newly forming community in Samaria.  What do you think about the Holy Spirit?

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