The lame man walks (Acts 3:8)

“Jumping up,

The lame man stood.

He began to walk.

He entered the Temple

With Peter

And John.

He was walking,


And praising God.”

καὶ ἐξαλλόμενος ἔστη καὶ περιεπάτει, καὶ εἰσῆλθεν σὺν αὐτοῖς εἰς τὸ ἱερὸν περιπατῶν καὶ ἁλλόμενος καὶ αἰνῶν τὸν Θεόν.

The author of Acts indicated that this lame man stood up (ἔστη) and started jumping around (καὶ ἐξαλλόμενος).  Acts was the only Greek biblical writing that used this word καὶ ἐξαλλόμενος, that means to leap up for joy. He began to walk (καὶ περιεπάτει), as he entered (καὶ εἰσῆλθεν) the Temple (εἰς τὸ ἱερὸν) with Peter and John (σὺν αὐτοῖς).  He was walking (περιπατῶν), leaping (καὶ ἁλλόμενος), and praising God (καὶ αἰνῶν τὸν Θεόν).  Thus, Peter continued the healing ministry of Jesus.  This lame man was enthusiastic about his new situation.  He jumped up joyously and began walking and praising God.  How excited are you about praising God?

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