Jesus went to Pilate

Jesus went to the Roman praetorium.  Pilate asked about the accusations against Jesus.  Was he an evildoer?  They said that they could not put Jesus to death.  How was Jesus to die?  Pilate asked Jesus if he was the king of the Jews.  Jesus asked him why he had said that.  Pilate wanted to know what he had done.  Jesus said that his kingdom was not of this world.  He was born to tell the truth.  But Pilate asked him “What is truth?”  Finally, he said that he found no guilty case against Jesus.  Who was he going to release?  Would it be Barabbas?  Then, Pilate tortured Jesus.  The soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus and called out “Hail! King of the Jews!”  Pilate then brought Jesus out and said “Behold the man!”  However, the crowd called out “Crucify him!”  They said that Jesus had called himself the Son of God.  Pilate was afraid, so he asked where Jesus was from.  Pilate explained that he had the power over his life.  Jesus responded that all power was from above.  Meanwhile, the crowd said that Pilate was not Caesar’s friend.  Pilate brought Jesus out and said “Behold your king!”  The crowd responded that they had no king other than the Emperor Caesar.  Then, Pilate handed Jesus over to be killed.  Would you have been one of the people in this crowd shouting out to crucify Jesus?

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