The Book of Glory

Jesus prepared the disciples for their coming lives without his physical presence. He prayed for them and for himself.  He was preparing them for his passion, death and resurrection.  The section ended with a conclusion on the purpose of the gospel that the reader might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing they may have life in his name.  Do you live in the life of Jesus Christ?

The plot to kill Jesus

Many Jews believed in Jesus, so that some people reported this to the Pharisees.  The Jewish council or Sanhedrin took up this question.  They were afraid that the Romans would come.  Caiaphas, the high priest, said that one man should die to save others.  Thus, Jesus should die to save their country from a Roman invasion.  They planned to kill Jesus, so that Jesus did not walk around openly.  Would you walk around if people were planning to kill you?

The resurrection of Lazarus

Lazarus of Bethany, the brother of Mary and Martha, was ill.  Jesus loved them, but he stayed longer instead of going to Judea again, because they wanted to stone him there.  With twelve hours a day of light, they stumble at night.  Jesus said that Lazarus was asleep and would recover.  Did he mean death or sleep?  Lazarus was dead.  Finally, Jesus said they were going to go to Lazarus.  Thomas spoke out.  Lazarus was in the tomb four days in Bethany.  Many Jewish people were consoling Martha and Mary.  Martha went to meet Jesus.  She said that Lazarus would not have died if Jesus was there.  However, God would give whatever Jesus wanted.  Jesus said that Lazarus would rise again.  Martha said that Lazarus would rise up on the last day, because she believed in the resurrection.  If she believed in Jesus, she would never die.  She said that she believed that Jesus was the Christ.  Then Martha went to get her sister Mary.  Mary went to see Jesus.  Jesus was not in the village of Bethany.  Many thought that Mary was going to the tomb of Lazarus.  She also told Jesus that her brother would not have died if he had been there.  Jesus was moved and wept because Jesus loved Lazarus. They all went to the tomb of Lazarus.  Jesus issued a prayer to the glory of God, so that the others might believe.  Then Lazarus came walking out of the tomb, after Jesus called him to come out.  What do you make of this Lazarus story?

The festival of the Dedication

During the Dedication festival, Jesus was walking in the Temple portico. Some people asked him if he was the Christ?  Jesus said that he had told them already.  They were not part of his flock, but his sheep would follow him.  They would have eternal life.  The Father of Jesus would not let them go, since Jesus and the Father are one.  Thus, they wanted to stone Jesus.  Jesus replied, why do you want to stone me?  They were making themselves like God.  Scripture cannot be broken.  Jesus replied that he was the Son of God, doing the works of his Father.  Jesus was in the Father.  Thus, they tried to arrest Jesus, but he returned to the Jordan River area.  John the Baptist had spoken the truth about Jesus, so that many people believed in Jesus.  What is the relationship between Jesus and God, the Father?

The good shepherd

The good shepherd entered by the main gate.  The sheep heard the good shepherd, so that they followed him.  They would not follow a stranger.  They did not understand.  Jesus said that he was the gate, so that the thieves and the robbers tried to get in.  Jesus had come to give life.  The good shepherd was different than the hired shepherd.  The hired servant did not care about the sheep.  On the other hand, the good shepherd knew his flock.  The Father knows Jesus, so that there is one flock and one shepherd.  Jesus would lay down his life, because he had a command from his Father.  Now the Jews were divided.  Why should they listen to Jesus?  Yet did a demon give sight?  Do you believe that Jesus is the good shepherd?

The healing of the person born blind

There was a man born blind, so that there was a discussion about who had sinned?  The work of God was in him.  No one works at night, but the light of the world should be with him.  Jesus then put clay on his eyes.  He washed his eyes to see.  This blind beggar was healed.  They asked him how did he get to see.  He said that Jesus had healed him.  They wanted to know where was Jesus.  They brought him to the Pharisees.  Jesus had healed on the Sabbath.  The man born blind described how he was healed.  Now the Pharisees were divided.  Was Jesus a prophet?  They doubted that this man had been blind.  They found his parents and asked them if this was their son.  They said that he was born blind, but he could speak for himself.  They were afraid, so they told the Pharisees to ask him.  They said that he was a sinner.  He was just happy to be able to see.  How was he healed?  Why did they want him to repeat this story?  Was he a disciple of Moses?  Where did he come from?  The man said that he had opened his eyes.  God listened to pious people.  Was he a man of God who opened the eyes of a man born blind?  Then they threw him out.  Do you believe in the Son of Man?  Who is he?  Jesus explained that he spoke to him.  Then the person born blind worshipped Jesus.  There was a reversal of blindness.  Now the Pharisees were blind and guilty.  Do you see the importance of Jesus?

Jesus and the children of Abraham

Jesus said that his disciples were seeking the freedom of truth.  How would they be set free?  They had been slaves to sin.  The slave did not have a permanent place.  Thus, the Son would make them free.  However, some people were trying to kill Jesus, but he reminded them of the words of their Father.  They were children of Abraham, but they were not like Abraham.  They maintained that they were not illegitimate children.  Jesus said that he came from God, but they did not understand him.  Their father was a liar.  They did not believe in Jesus.  Could they convict Jesus of sin?  They had not heard the words of God.  They responded that Jesus was a demonic Samaritan.  Jesus said that they were dishonoring him.  He was not seeking his own glory.  Whoever kept his word would never see death.  They responded that they knew that he had a demon.  Who do you claim to be?  Jesus said that the Father glorified him.  He knew the Father.  Their ancestor Abraham had rejoiced.  They asked when had he seen Abraham?  Jesus said that before Abraham was, he existed.  With that, Jesus hid himself.  Do you feel like you are a descendant of Abraham?