The Last Supper betrayal

Jesus loved his followers, but the devil was in Judas.  Jesus knew where he came from.  Jesus got ready to wash the feet of his disciples.  He then washed their feet, but Simon Peter objected.  Jesus told him that he would understand later.  He said that Jesus would never wash his feet, but then relented and said wash all of him.  Jesus said that all are clean, but there was a betrayer.  He asked them if they knew what he had done?  He was their Lord and teacher.  Thus, they should wash each other’s feet as his example had shown.  The servant was not greater than the master.  They were blessed, but some would turn against him.  They would believe after it happened.  They would believe in the one who sent him.  Jesus was troubled, while the disciples were uncertain.  The beloved disciple asked Jesus who he was talking about?  Who was going to betray him?  Jesus gave the piece of bread to Judas and told him to do it quickly.  No one knew what was going on with this strange command to Judas, as he left immediately.  Have you ever been to a place where you did not really understand what was going on?

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