The resurrection of Lazarus

Lazarus of Bethany, the brother of Mary and Martha, was ill.  Jesus loved them, but he stayed longer instead of going to Judea again, because they wanted to stone him there.  With twelve hours a day of light, they stumble at night.  Jesus said that Lazarus was asleep and would recover.  Did he mean death or sleep?  Lazarus was dead.  Finally, Jesus said they were going to go to Lazarus.  Thomas spoke out.  Lazarus was in the tomb four days in Bethany.  Many Jewish people were consoling Martha and Mary.  Martha went to meet Jesus.  She said that Lazarus would not have died if Jesus was there.  However, God would give whatever Jesus wanted.  Jesus said that Lazarus would rise again.  Martha said that Lazarus would rise up on the last day, because she believed in the resurrection.  If she believed in Jesus, she would never die.  She said that she believed that Jesus was the Christ.  Then Martha went to get her sister Mary.  Mary went to see Jesus.  Jesus was not in the village of Bethany.  Many thought that Mary was going to the tomb of Lazarus.  She also told Jesus that her brother would not have died if he had been there.  Jesus was moved and wept because Jesus loved Lazarus. They all went to the tomb of Lazarus.  Jesus issued a prayer to the glory of God, so that the others might believe.  Then Lazarus came walking out of the tomb, after Jesus called him to come out.  What do you make of this Lazarus story?

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