The Messianic entrance into Jerusalem

There was a great crowd at the Passover festival.  They had palm branches shouting Hosanna as Jesus rode a young donkey into Jerusalem.  They said that a king was coming.  They remembered later that the crowd had born this witness.  They had heard about his great miracle signs.  The world went after Jesus.  Some Greeks were at the festival and wanted to see Jesus.  Andrew and Jesus found out about these Greeks.  Jesus announced his glorification.  The grain of wheat had to die to give fruit.  If you love life, you will lose it.  They had to serve Jesus.  However, Jesus was troubled as he heard a voice from heaven.  Other people heard something.  What was the reason for this voice?  The world rulers would be driven out.  Jesus would draw everyone to himself.  Jesus was signifying how he was going to die.  Who is the Son of Man?  They had to walk in light, but Jesus hid himself.  There still was incredulity about the power or arm of the Lord.  They were unable to believe because they were blind to the glory of God.  However, many leaders believed in Jesus.  Others loved human glory rather Jesus as the light.  Jesus summarized his teaching.  Believe in the one who sent him because Jesus was the light that came to save the world.  He would judge them on the last day.  The Father had told Jesus what to say about eternal life.  Do you believe that Jesus is the light of the world?

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