The bread of life discourse

They wanted more food, the enduring eternal food, the works of God.  They had to believe in Jesus.  What would be the sign?  The manna in the wilderness was bread from heaven, the bread of God.  They had bread all the time.  Jesus said that he was the bread of life.  Did they believe that?  They had to come to Jesus.  He was doing the will of the Father.  They would lose nothing if they believed in the Son.  Meanwhile, the Jews complained that they knew his parents.  Jesus said to stop complaining.  The Father was the gatekeeper.  The prophets had spoken.  If they would see the Father, they would believe and have eternal life, the bread of life.  Their ancestors died after eating the manna, the bread from heaven.  However, this was the living bread from heaven.  They asked how can we eat flesh?  But Jesus said that they had to eat and drink the Son of Man.  Then he would raise them up.  His flesh and blood were truly food and drink.  The abiding presence of Jesus would come by eating Jesus, the bread that gives life forever.  He had been teaching at Capernaum.  Many people asked who can listen to this difficult saying?  Jesus asked if they were offended?  Would they see the Son of Man ascend?  The Spirit gives life.  However, there were some non-believers among Jesus’ disciples.  The Father allowed people to come to Jesus.  Jesus lost many disciples with this speech.  Did the apostles want to leave?  Peter said that he accepted the words of eternal life from the Holy One of God.  However, one of them was a devil, as Judas would be a betrayer.  Do you find Jesus as the bread of life hard to believe?

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