Theological discourse about the work of the Son

Jesus explains the relationship between the Son and the Father.  The Father loves the son and raises the dead.  However, the Son will judge.  They should honor the Father and the Son to gain eternal life.  The hour was coming when the Father and Son would be in life.  They would see the authority of the Son of Man.  The people in their graves would hear the Son, as there would be the resurrection of life and condemnation, with the judgment of Jesus.  The testimony of Jesus would be a true witness.  The witness of John was about salvation and light.  The Father has sent Jesus.  The Father bears witness, yet people do not believe the testimony of Scriptures.  They refuse to have eternal life.  Glory does not come from men, since they do not have the love of God.  They do not receive the Son.  They seek the wrong kind of human glory.  Moses would accuse them, because he wrote about the Son.  They have not believed the word of the Son, Jesus.  Do you believe in the Father and his Son, Jesus?

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