Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well

Jesus left Judea.  As he went through Samaria, he stopped in Sychar.  There Jesus sat at Jacob’s well.  He met an unnamed Samaritan woman, while his disciples went to buy food.  She said that Jews did not share with Samaritans.  Jesus spoke about living water.  However, the woman said that Jesus did not have any bucket to get water from Jacob’s well.  She was still thirsty, but Jesus was speaking about the waters of eternal life.  Then this Samaritan woman wanted this eternal water.  Jesus told her to call her husband.  She responded that she did not have a husband.  Jesus then said that she had five husbands.  She perceived that Jesus was a prophet.  The Samaritan woman talked about the correct place of worship.  Jesus said that there would be no more worship on a specific mountain, but that salvation was from the Jews.  In the future, they would worship in Spirit and truth, because God is a Spirit.  The Messiah Christ was coming.  Then Jesus revealed to her that he was the Messiah.  After the disciples returned, this woman left her water jar.  She told the local people to come and see this man.  Thus, the Samaritans came to see Jesus.  Meanwhile, the disciples urged Jesus to eat, but Jesus said that he had food.  However, no one had brought Jesus food.  He was referring to his spiritual food.  Jesus said that the fields were ready for harvesting, so that the sower and the reaper would rejoice together, because one sowed and the other reaped as they were both laborers in the field.  The Samaritans believed in Jesus and wanted him to stay with them.  More Samaritans believed in Jesus because they had heard for themselves.  Why do you believe in Jesus?

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